Water tables in urban areas are depleting due to increasing population and expansion of piped drinking water. And it is declining in rural areas because of lakes and ponds drying...The need of the hour, is to adopt sustainable practices in every sphere, to save water for future generations...

Porotherm Dryfix.System

Saving water during wall construction can significantly reduce water consumption

In a report released by DTE (Down to Earth) an organization dealing with Environment protection, the world extracts 145 Cubic Kilometers of water every year. The rate of extraction far supersedes the rate of replenishment. With the impact of Global warming, excessive emissions of Green House Gases, erratic rainfall patterns has led to droughts and drought like conditions across the world. Building construction industry is one sector which consumes a substantially high amount of water every year. Water consumed in pre construction stage is generally sourced from ground water leading to further water scarcity.
For every 1 Sq Mt of wall construction, an averag eof 350 liters of water gets consumed...
Generally the maximum water use happens during:
1) Preparation of sand, cement mortar
2) Curing of walls before and after plastering
Taking this into account, Wienerberger introduces the POROTHERM DRYFIX.SYSTEM, which is a dry mortar or super glue that removes the need of wet mortar and drastically reduces the requirement of water for any wall construction (infill masonry or partition walls as well as external walls).
The system also eliminates the need for curing, thus further leading to water savings.
Considering the volume of construction in urban areas, saving water in pre construction
stage can give a huge relief to water conservation...

Porother Dryfix.System

Plastering can begin the very next day with POROTHERM DRYFIX.SYSTEM

The other advantages of POROTHERM DRYFIX.SYSTEM
  • Single component: Dryfix Can is ready to use and easy to transport
  • Faster as compared to traditional masonry
  • Stronger adhesive bond between bricks
  • Clean and dry construction site: No debris to be transported and disposed
  • Enhances thermal protection through the elimination of thermal bridges in vertical and horizontal joints
  • Saves time: Conduiting, chasing and plastering can begin the very next day (after Dryfix wall construction)
  • Mason-friendly system: Easy toassemble and easy to apply  

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