Schools and educational institutions chose Porotherm Smart Bricks

Sunshine School, Chennai
It is the ideal walling material for educational institutions. The quality of air plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Here is the list of the institutes in India which used Porotherm Smart Bricks.

The quality of air plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

A research (conducted in Austrian schools)* has proved that children’s learning ability and general health is affected by the quality of air within class rooms.

The solution: use of natural building materials which allow quality air circulation within closed rooms.

Porotherm advantages

  • Porotherm Natural Clay Brick - permeable building material, allows better air circulation – provides for healthy indoor air quality
  • Provides excellent thermal & sound insulation
  • Pollutant-free, Green building material certified by international environment authorities GRIHA & IGBC
  • Light weight bricks – enables faster completion of construction projects
  • High compressive strength – ensures strength and longevity of buildings


*A study on the quality of air in Austrian schools, carried out in over 1,000 classrooms by the independent platform


Numerous educational institutions, schools & colleges across South India (in both metros & tier II cities) have used Porotherm Smart Bricks...


Sl.Nos. Name of the Institution Location
1 Indian School of Business tower 1 Hyderabad
2 Indian School of Business Bangalore Campus
3 Myra School of Business Mysore
4 SMV Engineering College Pondicherry
5 Jain University Davengere
6 Avyar engineering College Pondicherry
7 National Public School Bangalore
8 Greenwood High School Bangalore
9 Standard School Bangalore
10 Maruti School Bangalore
11 Foundation School Bangalore
12 Vision School Bangalore
13 Presidency School Bangalore
14 Adishwar School Tumkur
15 Vivek Vidyalaya Chennai
16 Soundarya School Bangalore
17 Roopantara School Anekkal
18 IIBS School Bangalore
19 Good Shepherd School Coimbatore
20 Vikaas World School Madurai
21 Mass Engineering College Trichy
22 Savitha School Chennai
23 Chaitanya Institution Kerala
24 Sunshine School Chennai
25 STEM School Bangalore


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