Koramic Roof System Component offers a bouquet of accessories for the roofing market in India

The accessories are ideal for both Koramic and Tondach roof tiles. A range of roof tile accessories that provide your roof with complete water tightness & excellent thermal insulation.

Complete roof protection!

Roofs made from clay roof tiles offer the best protection for houses against weather and wet conditions. They are durable with appealing aesthetics and color does not fade over time. Architects, designers and clients benefit from a wide selection of shapes, colors and sizes. At Wienerberger, you will find the right roof profile to meet every design and functional need.
Apart from the clay roof accessories KORAMIC Roof solution components offers a complete protection from heat and moisture, and long lasting products that makes your roof perfect and protects from water leakage at all vulnerable areas of the roof.  Easy installation by roofers.
These additional components includes:
  • PREMIUM REFLEX / Barrier ALUare Roofing underlays provides water proofing and insulation
KORAMIC dry roofing systems like KORAFLEX & KORA ROLL are quick and easy to install. When using our dry roofing products all the traditional problems of mortar bedded fittings can be avoided and the result is long lasting, secure, durable roofs, and a guarantee of consistent standards.  
  • KORAFLEX – Flashing tapes protects the abutments
  • KORAROLL – for under ridge protection from moistureand avoid mortar bedding below ridges .
  • VALLEY SHEETS – Water proofing in Valley areas
  • TILES CLIPS from wind protection and will not uplift the tiles in storm /cyclones
Furthermore, we are developing a variety of solutions tailored specifically to local needs.

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