Koramic Roof Solutions

Europe's Favorite Clay Roof Tiles

Wienerberger clay roof tiles are sold under the brand Koramic which offers a wide range of different shapes, colours and surface structures. Each roof tile with its own identity and rich tradition. Our wide range of clay roofing tiles provides every home with the individuality it deserves.

Nature provides us with an infinite variety of colours and forms, surely more than any human could ever imagine. The wide selection of profiles, colours, shades, and textures makes our clay roofing tiles as individual as the people who live beneath them. Whether traditional or modern, warm shades of red or other colours, whether for renovation projects or for the latest architectural innovations, Koramic has a product for every taste and need.

That is why Koramic offers the widest range of clay roof tiles in Europe, with over 45 different profiles, in a multitude of colours, finishes (natural, glazed, and engobed), fittings, and non-ceramic accessories to create the perfect roof. State-of-the-art production techniques enable Koramic to give each product a distinctive look and unique feel. By carefully listening to the needs of the market, we bring new designs, new shapes, and new colours to new generations. Recent applications include wall cladding and curved roof structures. In this way, we continue to expand the long tradition of clay roofing tiles every day.






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