Envelope the building with the splendor of terracotta façade tiles

Wienerberger offers exquisite range of clay façade tiles under two brands Aspect & Argeton

Brands and Application

Aspect Ventilated Clay Facade Tiles
Ingenuity and sophistication are the hall marks of Aspect - offering a selection of superior terracotta panels to fulfill the imaginative design aspirations of Architects...
Both the Façade brands provides the visual impact of a timeless modern façade with the distinctive character of natural clay. Its appeal when combined with steel, glass and wood lies in its subtlety, symmetry, natural elegance and timeless perfection.
Wienerberger’s Clay façade solutions have created a union between natural tradition and state-of-the-art technology. High strength and tested safety make Argeton & Aspect façades suitable for homes, offices and public buildings.
Argeton Clay Facade Tiles
Subtlety, Elegance and timeless perfection is what describes Wienerberger’s brand of clay facade solutions – Argeton. The creative range - from warm earthy tones through vibrant beiges to modern day variations of grey – the façade solutions from Wienerberger offers the optimum choice in a range of  vibrant shades.
Another product offering from Wienerberger India selling over 50,000 Sq. Mts.of clay façade tiles in India since 2009, Aspect is the latest addition to its existing portfolio of International quality, clay ventilated façade systems.

Advantages of Clay Facade tiles offered by Wienerberger

Argeton  & Aspect successfully combines technology and ecology under the aspect of economic affordability.The tiles are made entirely from natural raw materials derived from a sustainable source to create a pleasing effect inside the building. By keeping the heat from entering inside, a cool and comfortable indoor climate is ensured.
Colour fast
The façade plates are colour fast and will not detoriate. Your façade´s charisma will give you lasting and enduring pleasure. Sophisticated firing processes and selected clays are key constituents in the production of the natural fired colours. Their outstanding feature is their quality and weather resistance.
The variable joints and tile formats along with the tile properties prevent lateral shifting of the tiles and the penetration of driving rain. The compression of the vertical joints prevents rattling of the tiles in windy conditions. Firing at exceptionally high temperatures ensures the tiles resistance to fire as well as aggressive substances like acid rain.
Zero Maintenance
There is no need for further maintenance, if proper care has been taken during installation. The tiles are highly resistant to all kinds of weather conditions therefore ensuring the longevity of the colours. An ingenious drainage concept even prevents soiling. Therefore an Argeton & Aspect  façade retains its aesthetic appeal throughout the year.

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