Creating Healthy Living Spaces with Clay

Green & Sustainable Building

Building green is not a choice but a commitment for future generations...

Green Building promotes the efficiency of buildings with regards to the use of water, energy and materials while reducing the building’s impact on individual’s health and the environment through better design, construction, operation, maintenance and removal.

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Buildings & Trends

We would like to keep you up dated with news & trends from the Real Estate & Construction market in India

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Saving water during construction

Building construction industry is one sector which consumes a substantially high amount of water every year. For every 1 Sq Mt of wall construction, an average of 350 liters of water gets consumed. Taking this into account, Wienerberger introduces the Porotherm DRYFIX.SYSTEM, which is a dry mortar or super glue that removes the need of wet mortar and drastically reduces the requirement of water for any wall construction.

Water tables in urban areas are depleting due to increasing population and expansion of piped drinking water. And it is declining in rural areas because of lakes and ponds drying...The need of the hour, is to adopt sustainable practices in every sphere, to save water for future generations...

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